“Jersey Shore” Is Coming Back To TV With Your Favorite Wild Cast

In December 2009, a brand new show graced MTV that gave a whole new name to wild and crazy. “Jersey Shore” brought 8 of the craziest guidos and guidettes of New York/New Jersey to the Jersey Shore for the summer to party, cause trouble and show us what it really means to be Italian. Looking back, the show was absolutely ridiculous. But, at the time, it was the most watched thing on TV. We could not look away.

Since the show went off air in 2012 (after six seasons) the cast went on to do some big things for themselves. Pauly D became a huge DJ and landed himself on some other shows. Snooki and J Wow both started families and had their own spin-off show. And, Ronnie also appeared on a dating show himself. As for everyone else – I’m not even sure TBH.

But, if you have been wondering where these wild children are roaming – look no further, because they are back together.

It’s Jersey Shore reunion time.

The cast of Jersey Shore was spotted over the weekend – in Asbury Park – filming a short but sweet reunion show.

While the show originally aired on MTV, the network is apparently not involved. But, it was brought to life by the cast themselves, who say they always wanted to get back together. According to Snooki, the reunion will be short, because “she has babies at home,” and “can’t handle a hangover like she used to.”

I wonder how “wild” it’ll be now that two of them are moms and the rest of them are still made fun of every time they leave the house.

Twitter, however, is very excited.