Here Are The 20 Things Guys Look For In Their Future Wives

Everybody is unique in their own right. With that comes the uniqueness of everyone’s own relationship with their significant other. Not everyone agrees on a standard on what’s they are looking for in their personal relationship. That makes what people look for in a partner pretty intriguing. There are obvious characteristics like looks, funny, smart blah blah blah – we’ve heard them all before. (be more original guys, I dare you) which drove me nuts. I wanted to find things a little less obvious than those basic qualities. It’s shocking someone would want to date a gorgeous, brilliant, hysterically funny person, isn’t it? So I asked the guys to do a little soul searching before answering and this is what they got for you.

I asked a few guys the things they most look for in a serious partner and as always, it was quite interesting. These guys all ranged from their early 20’s to their early 30’s. Some of the guys claimed to be perpetually single and others claimed to be in serious relationships most of their lives, so there was an array of answers.

1. Nashawn:

I look for someone who exhibits behavior that would not lead me to question their loyalty in my absence. At this age, too many other things preoccupy my thoughts; more important than worrying about infidelity which is so common these days.

2. Mumin:

As I get older I realize life is more and more about sacrifices. To have a successful relationship I believe you both have to be willing to sacrifice to help grow together. She doesn’t necessarily have to make the sacrifice but knowing she is willing to do so makes all the difference.

3. Jack:

I think being able to deal with stress is huge. Relationships are stressful actually, most life is stressful. Finding a person who can deal with the stresses of life and help you cope with them also is a winner.

4. Chris:

I think non-judgemental people are the best kind of people surround yourself with. That being said, why wouldn’t you want the person closest to you to be understanding and non-judgemental? Judgemental people miss out on entire life experiences and meeting new incredible people, they’re too busy judging. Seems like a make or break trait for me.

5. Pat:

Someone who has their shit together for the most part. I’m not sure anyone has it all together but I need a partner who has a job or career or at least some form of a goal she is aiming for.