Here Are The 20 Things Guys Look For In Their Future Wives

11. Jeff:

In a relationship, I know you share things with your partner but I also believe you each should have your own lives. You can share these things but you should have your own friends, interests, hobbies. I hate when partners morph into their significant other. It’s sad to see people change and become strictly into what the other person is into. I don’t need another me, be yourself!

12. Calvin:

Trust, Trust is key. Without trust, you can’t consciously build something with someone. Always worrying if they’ll disappear or change up on you. You need trust in your partner to build confidence not only in your relationship but also in yourself. When the trust is strong in the relationship I believe that’s an indicator of something that will go long term.

13. Gary:

Every great relationship that lasts the test of time needs patience. I don’t think anything has a chance of becoming a long-term thing without it. You absolutely need the patience to accept the things you don’t love about another person. It’s impossible to find someone with no flaws. With patience comes compromise and lord knows in a relationship you end up compromising a lot.

14. Jamal:

In any good relationship I feel like both sides have to share a few common traits one of them being maturity. Immature guys won’t understand that there is no magical perfect girl out there who has exactly everything they could ever want or need. Grow up Peter Pan! Count Chocula! In reality it’s called building a relationship for a reason.

15. Eli:

Someone with an openmind keeps things exciting. Getting bored in a relationship is a killer that’s why I think an open mind is imperative. Whether it’s in the bedroom or on the menu an open mind is never a bad thing. I’ll try anything twice, life is short might as well experience it now.