Here Are The 20 Things Guys Look For In Their Future Wives

6. Nick:

I think someone who knows how to take care of themselves is important. If you take care of yourself physically I feel like you’re a happier person when you feel good about yourself. I also believe people who tend to stay in good shape have a more acute sense of detail, which is something I love.

7. Drew:

It would have to be a chick with aspirations for later in life. A serious relationship means long term. So I like to see a girl that’s looking towards the future and having the ambition to reach her goals. Even if her goals seem out of reach someone with the ambition to try and fail is something to be admired.

8. Jon:

I think a partner that is humble is a big deal to me. I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship where my partners favorite person is themselves. I’m all for self loving and being proud of who you are, I feel at a certain point being too into one’s self can become toxic.

9. Carter:

Having a partner who is professionally successful is great in a long serious relationship. Balance is also important if you’re both professionally focused and driven. All work no play never works out in relationships, find someone who has the best of both worlds.

10. Matt:

A girl that is family oriented is big time points with me. If we’re talking about a serious long-term relationship, why wouldn’t you want it to be with someone that obviously shows a great deal of importance toward family? You never know one day she might be apart of yours.