Here Are The 20 Things Guys Look For In Their Future Wives

16. Griff:

Obviously being committed to each other is a must. You choose to be with someone because you’re better when you’re with them. With that said, having a partner who understands sometimes I need my space and some alone time isn’t a bad thing. So I guess I would call that being understanding.

17. Charlie:

If you’re in it for the long haul, forgiveness is something that is in your relationship. I’m not talking about forgiveness for cheating or anything obscene, that’s your call. Inevitably spending years with someone can rub you the wrong way sometimes. Don’t let the little things build up that’ll eat your relationship up. Always be forgiving when you can be.

18. Orlando:

Spontaneity! Whats better than being surprised or excited aroud someone constantly because you never know where the time spent together will take you. I don’t think a relationship will get dull as quickly if your partner constantly keeps you on your toes.

19. Jason:

This will sound tricky but after being in a long relationship you know the person better than anyone. If that person can still maintain some level of mystery, not secrecy but just stay a little mysterious like when you first meet someone.That is a very special attribute and will keep relationships alive.

20. Kyle:

A balance of intelligence and humor are musts for me in the most simple terms – you have to be able to laugh together and at yourselves but I also need to be able to have in-depth meaningful conversations, I don’t need a rocket scientist but I don’t need a space cadet either.