This Is The Only Kind Of Person Worth Dating

Until then, stay single.

Whenever we find ourselves single, we automatically feel lonely. We scroll through our social media feeds watching everyone else we know fall madly in love and wonder when we’re going to get our shot at the “real deal.”

We day-dream about being swept off our feet by the “right person,” curious as to when the f*ck they’re going to stroll on into our lives and take our breath away. We feel alone and tired of waiting and instead of looking for the person we should be with, we settle for people who don’t deserve our time or being.

When you’re venturing out on the quest for love – there is only one type of individual that is worth your time – the person who pushes you to be a better version of who you already are.

When you find the right person for you – you’ll know.

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This person is going to challenge you.

The right person will challenge you because they want you to grow – to expand your mind-state, thoughts and opinions further than what you’re accustomed to. People are going to tell you they’re wrong for you because they push you, but in reality, it’s exactly the kind of person worth giving your energy to. They want to open your world to new cultures, ideas and notions – expanding your knowledge and showing you thinks and places you’d never even dreamt of.

This person is going to be stubborn and hard on you.

The right person will be hard on you because they want you to mature – to grow from the role of the “victim” and take on the lead as the “warrior.” People are going to tell you they’re wrong for you because they aren’t compassionate enough with you. You don’t always want someone who is going to kiss your wounds when you fall or pat your back when you fail. You want someone who is going to be the hand that pushes you forward, onto the bigger and better things in life. Sure, it may suck that you didn’t ace a test or kill your interview – but there will always be others. There will always be more.

This person is going to argue with you all of the time.

The right person is going to argue with you because they want to hear your opinion – they want to know why you feel the way you feel and exactly what it means. People are going to tell you they’re wrong for you because fighting is unhealthy in relationships. Without communication, relationships lack depth and spark. Arguments, while tedious and sometimes troublesome, allow partners to communicate openly and barrier-free. You are honest with each other, you never hold back feelings. You never grow to resent each other because you’re always on the same page with exactly how you feel when you feel it.

This person is going to change your view on love.

The right person is going to alter what you thought love is because they are going to show you exactly what love you need. People are going to tell you they’re wrong for you because it isn’t going to be the cookie-cutter version of love that they’re used to. No two people are the same, no two loves are the same. While you have day-dreamed about your perfect “someone” for so long, you never truly knew what it felt like – it most likely will be nothing like what you have wth this person. They will change your mind about what you thought you wanted and needed and make you realize everything you do want and need can be so much simpler.

The truth?

Quit worrying about what everyone else is doing – when they meet people, when they get engaged, married, have children. The more you pressure yourself to meet everyone else’s timelines, the faster you settle for someone who is going to be completely wrong for you.

You never want to find yourself in a relationship with someone just because you were afraid of being alone.

Fall in love with yourself. Go on dates with yourself. Get to know yourself.

When the person worth dating comes along – you will be ready and you will be proud.

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