13 Ways To Know That He’s Taking You Seriously As A Girlfriend

Dating is hard, sometimes leftover mac & cheese that you left out all night hard. There are some easy ways differentiate when someone is really into you, and someone is just looking to fool around. Here’s some tips to know if he’s really serious about you, or only around as long as Justin Bieber will keep his shirt on.

13. They bring you around their friends:

If someone is keeping you on the down-low, that means they aren’t really into you. Someone who is into you will want you to meet his or her friends, want you to get to know their circle and what they are about. They say that you are who you associate with, so any person who is mildly interested in you will want you to see the kind of people they like to vibe with, ultimately because you can also get a better perception of who they are overall.

12. It’s all in the eyes:

According to a recent study from Live Science, when people are excited or sexually aroused, our pupils will dilate and grow. The eyes are the windows to our soul, so keep your eyes on theirs. You’ll be able to really tell when you get a closer look.

11. They ask questions:

Sometimes, people only want to know the basics about you, or basically, what you would post on social media. Someone who is really into you will want to know more-the deep stuff, what you think about when you’re about to go to sleep, what music you like to listen to, what’s your favorite guilty pleasure. If someone only wants to know the bare minimum, give them the bare minimum of your time.

10. They are willing to take things slow:

If someone is willing to take the physical slow, then they are into you as more than just a hook-up. I’m a firm believer in the mantra that you should only share your naked body with someone who is comfortable with your naked soul-if you barely know somebody on a personal level and they are ready to take it to the next physical level, it’s probably going to always be just that.

9. They want to meet your family:

Family is important. Many times, people are hesitant when dating at the stage of meeting the family. If someone is really into you, they will be open and willing-even excited-to meet your family. You know they’re really into you when they ask what your mom’s favorite wine is or what your dad’s favorite team is to come prepared.

8. They aren’t embarrassed or ashamed around their friends:

We all know what it’s like when people call us “whipped.” No guy or girl likes it when their friends make fun of them for just being happy with someone. Watch the way they react to their friends, how they handle being the target of everyone’s finger pointing and ridicule. If they say fuck it, and continue your road to romance, you know they’re foreal. If they deny being whipped or happy with you, then say good-bye and move on.

7. They have no problem posting a picture of you on their social media:

If they’re serious about you, they’ll make it public. There are tons of people who want to hide their relationship from social media or the public eye to avoid “drama,” but if someone is really into you, they won’t mind that people are going to talk. They’re going to talk anyway, so let them. If he or she wants to share their excitement, and you, with their followers it’s definitely a good sign.

6. They come to your drunken rescue:

We all know what it’s like to go out for a girls or guys night out and drink a little too much. We end up drunk dialing and slurring into the phone that we’re not sure where we are, where our friends went, or where the nearest bathroom is to puke. If they come running, driving, or even take a train to meet up with you and make sure you’re okay-you know it’s real.

5. They want to know your plans for the future:

We’re all looking for something that’s serious and long-term, we all want to know what it’s like to be in love. Although you might not be there just yet, your future is something that’s very important and it should be a priority to them as well. If they ask you what your dreams are, your goals, aspirations and future plans are, it’s because they are interested in being a part of those, too. Don’t be afraid to share it with them.

4. They get a little jealous:

Jealousy is something that may turn certain people off, but it is a sure tell sign that someone is taking you seriously. If they get jealous when other people flirt with you or try and make a move on you, it’s because they are into you and want you for themselves. It may get annoying, but jealousy comes from a place of heartfelt affection and desire.

3. They remember important events:

You may mention you have an interview coming up or a huge deadline to meet at work and that it’s stressing you out or weighing on your mind. If they’re really into you, they will remember these dates and events, and make sure you know they remember it, too. They’ll send you the good luck texts, they’ll drop off that coffee in the morning to remind you that they’re here, and they care.

2. Body language:

Body language is something that people often take for granted. There is much more non-verbal communication that happens in the beginning of a relationship than verbal because we all get nervous and shy when we’re around new people. Make sure you pay attention to the way their posture is around you, you can tell whether they’re also nervous and are taking you seriously, or if they’re just too comfortable. Watch where their eyes wander when you’re talking-do they stay on you or are they wandering to the tall blonde girl or tan surfer guy that just walked past your table? Everyone’s always talking body.

1. They aren’t afraid to open up to you:

If something is happening in their life that is serious, if they take you serious, they will want to share it with you. Sometimes as humans we like to put up a guard with new people because we come from a long-line of trust issues and insecurity. If someone is going out of their way to open up the gates of their soul, know that it isn’t always the easiest thing to do and that it takes a lot of courage to do so. It means that they trust you.