10 Qualities Girls Look For In Any Guy They Date

1) Genuine Emotion:

It’s almost a known fact that guys don’t like to get emotional. Think about it, when’s the last time you saw your man shed a tear? Girls look for that genuine bone in a guys body, and I’m not just talking about the one in his pants. When a guy is genuine with you about your relationship and his emotions especially, it means he cares and he takes you seriously.

When a guy opens up to his girl, it shows that the relationship is built on trust. Girls are always looking for men to be upfront about their feelings and not having to pull those three little words out of him like they’re pulling teeth at the dentist.

2) Spontaneity:

When you’re in a long-term relationship, things can get repetitive and even boring if you don’t keep that spark alive. Women love a man who is spontaneous and full of surprises. When a guy is up for anything and ready for an adventure at a whim, it makes life exciting. Who doesn’t want to spend their life with someone who gets their adrenaline flowing?

Whether it’s a camping trip for a weekend getaway or a really cool new restaurant that he thinks you would love, a guy who is full of surprises is a guy who is making it a priority to keep you happy and keep things interesting.

3) Patience:

They say that patience is a virtue, and it’s probably the most accurate saying your grandmother will tell you. Patience is important in all aspects of life-career, culture, lifestyle and especially dating. Like anything else in life, relationships have to evolve overtime, they aren’t perfect from the get-go and there will often times be potholes on the road to happiness.

Life gets messy and so do we, so a woman wants a guy who is understanding and has patience with her. We don’t want a guy who is looking to rush us along only to sleep with us, or a guy who is uninterested in our life goals and dreams. A man who listens and adjusts is the kind of guy we think long term with.

4) Stamina:

Don’t believe the people who tell you sex doesn’t matter-it does. It’s not everything in terms of a relationship, but having a guy who knows what his girl wants and isn’t afraid to go the distance to satisfy her is important. Nobody wants a selfish man who is only concerned with his satisfaction.

Physical attraction may draw us in, but it’s the long-term haul that keeps us around. Women want a man who isn’t afraid to take control and be assertive, who won’t hesitate to try something new and wild and who will always put her as a priority in the bedroom. Nice guys don’t finish first, they finish last.

5) A Solid Relationship With His Family:

When we’re dating and looking to settle down with someone serious, we want someone who we can see our futures with. An important step in dating and in evaluating our futures is family. It’s important to girls that they see their man has a great relationship with his parents and family. This means that he’ll strive to have a great relationship with his girlfriend’s family, too.

A man who makes time out of his work week between his friends, his girl and relaxing to see his family and spend time with them is the definition of hubby material.

6) Confidence:

There’s a fine line between being cocky and being confident, and you should learn it when it comes to dating. No, we don’t want the guy who walks into the club thinking he can go home with any girl in the room. We want the man who is confident in himself and in his relationship. That means, he won’t get insecure and jealous when we want to spend some time with our friends, or even some time alone. We want the man who feels good about himself, and makes us feel good about ourselves.

If you’re ever in a relationship and you think to go through your girlfriends phone, you should stop and realize that the problem isn’t with her, the problem is with you. There should never be a moment that you feel the need to violate her privacy and personal space because you don’t feel confident in your relationship and your girl.

7) Intelligence:

Smart guys are sexy. No matter what girls told you in high school, we’d rather have the nerd than the jock when it comes to settling down. Smart guys are great because they are aware of the world around them. Sure, it’s nice to be the center of somebody’s entire world but it’s unrealistic. Smart guys know that there’s a fair balance between work and play-they know how to create a life you both deserve. They’ll be able to hold a discussion with you, your friends and especially your parents about everything and with depth.

You don’t want to be the guy who doesn’t know one candidate running in the 2016 election or the guy who can’t manage his own bank account. Your girlfriend is suppose to be your partner, not your parent-you should know how to manage yourself and hold your own while still supporting her along the way. Also, black frame glasses look good on just about any guy.

8) A Good Sense Of Humor:

We all love to laugh and in the end, aren’t we all looking for someone to sit at home and watch Amy Schumer with? A guy with a sense of humor always beats our a guy who is tall, dark and handsome. When a guy makes a girl laugh, he’s showing her the bright side of life, that anything can be fun and funny, no matter what’s going on.

We want someone who equally wants to stand in the corner at a party and make fun of people with. We want someone who will go to see the new Will Farrell movie with us at midnight on a Tuesday and get the extra large popcorn and soda. We want someone who doesn’t care how hideous their laughing face is or if we snort when we laugh because life is too short to not laugh until you cry.

9) Respect:

Respect should be given, not earned. If you think that a girl needs to earn your respect, it’s time to reevaluate your outlook on women. When you’re dating a girl, no matter what you’ve heard about her or how she may come off, you owe her respect until you get to actually know her. It’s unfair when people judge you before they actually know you-no one judges a book by its cover anymore. Girls want the same respect that you think they owe you, given to them.

On a date, they’ll look for the cues- do you hold the door open for them, how you interact with the waitress, do you walk her to her car or her door-it’s as if our minds have mental notepads to see if you’re there for just the moment or for more.

10) Loyalty:

All women want to date a man that is loyal. Loyalty is important in almost any relationship in a girls life-family, friends, and especially love. When a guy shows he’s loyal, a girl never has to worry about what he’s doing and who he’s doing it with. It takes time to build this kind of trust, but she’ll look for the breadcrumbs along the pathway. Girls look to a guys friendships to see if he’s a loyal guy-how long have you been friends with the guys you keep company with? A lot of times, if a guy has had lifelong friendships, it’s a sign of loyalty and trust, and girls love that. She’ll also look to see what kind of guys you’re hanging out with-you are who you associate with.

But, loyal doesn’t only mean that you’re not going to go out and cheat on your girl. Loyalty also means that you’re going to be true to her. You’re not going to make her feel insecure about your relationship, even if you’re having a rough day at work and just want to be left alone. You’re going to be able to talk to her about anything and everything, leaving all secrets aside and keep everything out in the open. You don’t have to share absolutely everything, but you should share the stuff that really matters with the one you love.

This article was originally published by Alexa Tanney on The Richest.