60 Award-Winning Wedding Photos That Might Give You Some Ideas You Can Steal

When it comes to photography, I’m always amazed at what people can do with the right camera and the right lens. Half the time, I can barely figure out how to take a picture of my nephew with my iPhone, but somehow, photographers find a way to make absolutely anything beautiful.

When it comes to weddings, the happiest day of many bride & groom’s lives, photographers always have a knack for catching moments, emotions and love in the snap of a photo. Fearless Photography, a website dedicated to sharing incredible wedding photographer’s work from around the world, holds awards every year where they hand-select wedding photographs from talented photographers and teach us all a thing or two about love. Their latest collection holds over 200 photos, but we chose our favorite ones to share. You can see the entire collection here.


By Dimitri Voronov


By Ralf Czogallik


By Mike Shpenyk


By Mathieu Louis-Seize


By Erica Coffman