Kim Kardashian Let Cameras Film Her During A Severe Anxiety Attack & Here’s Why That’s Important

Everyone loves to hate on Kim Kardashian. The mother of two (almost three) and marketing mogul has for years made millions of dollars off of just being herself and living her life. Most people point fingers at Kardashian claiming she’s “only famous” for a sex tape that came out over ten years ago, while others criticize her for her provocative photos and posts she displays on social media while being a mother. Whether or not you like Kim Kardashian, at the end of the day, she’s a human being like all of us.

Total eclipse of the heart

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Last year, Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in a Paris hotel room during Paris Fashion Week. Although she was not harmed physically, emotionally, she was scarred for life. Many people still, to this day, believe the robbery was “a scam” for insurance money, as over $11 million worth of possessions were stolen from Kim, but, over the last year – fans and followers can clearly see the toll the robbery has taken on Kim and her entire family. She has spoken out in interviews and in the media that since the robbery, Kim suffers from severe anxiety due to PTSD.

With celebrities, many of us forget they are humans just like you and I. If I were to be held at gunpoint in an armed robbery, people would feel bad for me and have sympathy for what I’ve gone through. For some reason with a celebrity like Kim Kardashian, fewer people feel that sympathy. And, for that, you’re absolutely wrong. No matter how negatively you feel about her and her family, she’s still a daughter, sister, mother and person who doesn’t deserve to be bounded by her hands and feet and thrown in a bathtub, scared for her life that she’s going to die.

In the latest episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim has a full-blown anxiety attack while traveling to Mexico with her friends and family – and allows cameras to film it all. Here’s why that’s extremely important to social awareness and the mental health stigma in society.