OMG Did Kim Kardashian Secretly Announce All 3 Pregnancies A Month Ago?!

Did Kim Kardashian subtly hint at the 3 simultaneous Kardashian pregnancies almost a month ago?! No, probably not. But people think she did.

I have to warn you, this is really dumb. Even by the standards of internet conspiracy theories, and even by the standard of internet conspiracy theories that involve the Kardashians… this is really dumb.

You see, on September 3rd Kim K posted this to Instagram:

Notice the caption. “The 3 of us…”

Now sure, that could just be a sentence. In fact, it’s not even a sentence, it’s just some words. But it could ALSO be a low-key foreshadowing announcement of Kim, Khloe, and Kylie’s simultaneous pregnancies.

The evidence? Basically, since it was posted earlier this month, it’s possible that all three of them know about their respective oven buns at around the time this photo was posted. And that’s it!

And as a matter of fact, Kim’s pregnancy is the only one that’s been officially confirmed via surrogate. The dish on the other two will probably not come out until the premiere of the new season of their show. So did Kim, the sly, teasing hintress that she is, post this photo a month ago to informally announce what we’ll all find out for sure soon anyway? I don’t know! Do you know?! Do you care?! Does any of this matter?

No, but it’s fun so leave me alone.