Khloé Kardashian Posted An Adorable Picture Of Kylie Jenner’s Huge Baby Bump

On Sunday, Kylie Jenner answered everyone’s burning question of whether or not she was pregnant with a long social media post and an adorable video, along with the news that the 20-year-old is now a new mother. She and boyfriend Travis Scott welcomed their daughter into the world on February 1st, according to the social media posts. She also explained to fans why she kept her pregnancy out of the spotlight for the last 9 months.


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Kylie followed up with an emotional video montage of her life over the last 9 months throughout her pregnancy. From the moment she found out, to her first doctor appointment, to when she told her friends and family and their reactions. Kylie shared photos, videos and personal moments of her pregnancy for her fans, apologizing for keeping them in the dark for so long. As well, she shared the first video/photo of her daughter without having received a big paycheck. It’s something not many were expecting from Kylie, knowing her history with exploiting herself on social media. And, many were proud.

After she shared the video online, her big sister Khloé Kardashian (who is also pregnant) shared a beautiful photo of her baby bump next to Kylie’s on her Instagram account.