Kylie Jenner Announced She Gave Birth To A Baby Girl In The Sweetest Way Possible

The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived–Kylie Jenner announced on Sunday that she has (all along) been pregnant. After months of fans wondering, guessing, trying to find clues, and begging Kylie to tell us, the 20-year-old finally revealed the truth behind her hiding. In an Instagram and Twitter post, Kylie revealed she gave birth to a baby girl on February 1st with boyfriend Travis Scott. But, she also explained why she had kept her pregnancy a secret for 9 months.

Kylie has been in the spotlight for her entire life. No matter where she went or what she did, cameras, fans, and the media followed her. She revealed she wanted to be pregnant “alone” and “not in front of the world.” She also decided to opt out of having a “big gotcha moment,” or “paid reveal.” She wanted to do it on her own time, in her own way.


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It’s extremely kind and sweet for Kylie to apologize to her fans, as they’ve been rooting for her for months and months, hoping she wasn’t in hiding because she was ashamed or embarrassed. The way in which she showed off her personal journey was also amazing, and, will probably make you cry.