The Kardashians Dropped A lot Of Pretty Big Hints About Kylie’s Pregnancy

For months now, all anyone has been wondering is what’s going on with Kylie Jenner. Is she pregnant? Is she alive? Why doesn’t she ever use her social media anymore? What’s going on with her? In September, news broke on multiple platforms that Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner family is pregnant with her first child. But, she hasn’t come forward to reveal if the information is true or not, so, it’s hard to say that it truly is. But, everyone has been running around for months saying–Kylie’s with child. There have been a lot of subtle hints dropped by everyone in the family leading us to believe it’s true, as no one has come outright to deny the rumors. Usually, when something isn’t true in this family, their people are all over it. I mean, Kim is always having to clap-back at haters when people assume they know her life (you don’t know her, dude). From the very beginning of the rumor mill surrounding Kylie’s pregnancy, there have been some…clues.

1. Kim posts mysterious photo on Instagram:

The 3 of us…

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Kim posted this throwback photo to her Instagram account four months ago–before anyone was talking about anyone’s pregnancies. The caption reads “The 3 of us…” which is pretty accurately skewed to all of us believing all three of them are expecting. It turns out, Kim is expecting her third child via a surrogate with husband Kanye West. Of course, we found out months later Khloé Kardashian is expecting her first baby with boyfriend Tristan Thompson. So, it adds up if Kim Kardashian would post this photo as a bit of a tease to the news.

2. Kris Jenner’s Instagram post about grandkids:

A month ago, Kris Jenner posted about Burts Bees sending a collection of pajamas for all of her grandkids. If you count all of the pajamas, there’s a few extra sitting in the bunch. Altogether, there are 9 pajamas. Mason, Penelope, Reign–Kourtney’s kids–makes 3. North, Saint and the unborn baby–Kim’s kids–makes another 3, that’s 6. Now we know Rob Kardashian has Dream, that’s another one, making it 7. Now that Khloé’s spilled the beans on her baby, that’s 8. So, who is baby number 9? Obviously, Kylie Jenner’s unborn child. Come on now.

3. Kourtney Kardashian denies her own pregnancy:

Kourtney Kardashian took to Twitter in October to deny the rumors that she said in an interview that she was also pregnant. The fact that Kourtney spoke out to deny rumors showcases that Kylie not commenting at all–denying it–is a pretty clear sign that she could, in fact, be pregnant.