The Kardashians Finally Speak Out Over Rob & Blac Chyna Disaster Drama

If you’re a Kardashian, drama is basically your middle name (or, it should be). This family makes millions of dollars off exploiting their lives and all of their secrets. But, this week, Rob Kardashian – the youngest of the group – pulled a huge no-no when it comes to the “Kardashian agenda.”

Rob Kardashian opened up on social media about his fiancé Blac Chyna cheating on him. In several Instagram posts, Rob showed off videos of Chyna in bed with another man, video evidence or her receiving weight-loss surgery and, illegally posted nude photos of her online. After doing this, which is illegal, his Instagram page was shut down.

He then turned to Twitter to continue his on-going rant about love, loss, loyalty and lessons learned.

While this seems like a typical Tuesday for the Kardashian family – it’s actually a lot more than any of Rob’s sisters would have ever let the world know. But, this is nothing new for Rob and Chyna. The two go back-to-back seeing “who can be more petty” and have been for the last year and a half they have been together.

And, the Kardashians have had it with this baby nonsense.

E! News reported that all of Rob’s sisters have said they are “very disappointed,” in Rob’s behavior, as well as Chyna’s. According to sources, Kris Jenner has taken it the hardest out of the entire family.

“She is very distraught. Kourtney Kardashian is in her own world on vacation, and Khloé Kardashian is in her own world with [boyfriend] Tristan Thompson. Although the family has never been a fan of Chyna, they want what is best for Dream. The family is trying to focus on the positive things going on in their lives and hope that Rob will calm down and stop airing dirty laundry. The family is upset and thinks that Rob’s actions were inappropriate.”

It makes a lot of sense. These two, although they seem to hate each other, have a daughter together. Cue Blink 182’s “Stay Together For The Kids.” These two need to put their bullsh*t aside, or deal with it less publicly. Now, Dream will grow up forever knowing her father exposed her mother’s entire body – nude – for millions to see. And, she’ll always be reminded of it.

Poor kid.