Scott Disick Basically Spilled The Beans That Khloé Kardashian’s Pregnant, Y’all

Scott Disick has always been an unofficial Kardashian, even if he and Kourtney never truly got married. The two have three children together and he’s been apart of the family and their hit TV show for years. Plus, everyone knows that Scott Disick is everyone’s “favorite Kardashian” even if his last name doesn’t start with a “K.” He’s the pettiest, funniest and most savage member of the family who isn’t afraid to call the girls out on their bullsh*t and to be honest, they need that in their lives.

While Scott and Kourtney are no longer romantically involved, they are still co-parenting together better than ever, according to sources. Kourtney has been in a relationship with model Younes Bendjima for the past several months.

looking for a hot tourist to show her around

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As well, Scott Disick has stepped out and confirmed his relationship to model Sofia Richie.


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Run away with it

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The weird part is that Younes and Sofia are pretty good friends in real life – so, they’re dating parents and ex’s. Hmm. Celebrity world is one tangled ass web. Or, maybe it’s just the Kardashian way – we all know the Blac Chyna/Tyga/Kylie/Rob saga.

Let me call your dad

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Regardless of the awkwardness – Scott is still highly involved in the Kardashian circle and their life. Obviously, he’s close with all of the girls after being apart of the family for so long. And, he’s usually playing Mr. Dad when Kourtney’s away. So, when he was asked about Khloé Kardashian and the pregnancy rumors – it’s no surprise he kind of dropped some major deets.