25 Celebrity Throwback Halloween Costumes That Completely Blew Our Mind

Every year, everyone gets excited for Halloween because we all get to be people who on a regular day, we just aren’t cool enough to be. While us average Joe’s are excited to be our favorite celebrities and idols, our favorite celebrities are excited to not be themselves for just one night (or weekend). When it comes to epic costumes, it seems as though celebs have often taken the gold medal for creativity and originality. But, what seems to be a reoccurring theme amongst celebs is throwback icons from years past. That’s right – our favorite celebs just love themselves some good ol’ nostalgia.

1. Izzy Azaela as Cruella de Vil:

2. Kim Kardashian as Poison Ivy:

3. Carmen Kass as Mia Wallace:

4. Zoey Deschanel as Tinker Bell:

5. Emma Roberts as Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman: