25 Things In Society That Are Romanticized For The Wrong Reasons

There are many things that are romanticized in movies, media, TV shows, and other outlets to make them appear better than they truly are in real life. For example, love is never quite as romantic in real life as it is in movies. Sex is almost always awkward and smelly at one point or another. And, we all know run-ins with the law just never happens the way they do in movies. At the end of the day, many things are made out to be this idealistic version of the truth, when the honest truth is real life is much messier. People online are sharing their opinions on the things in society that are romanticized for all the wrong reasons, so maybe, we can stop pretending that they’re “ideal” and better than they actually are.

1. ihavetourinate

A woman running away from her fiancé at the alter. So many commercials, movies, and tv shows. Maybe don’t agree to marry someone and then let everyone spend a ton of money and plan an entire wedding if you don’t want to marry him.

2. ashley419

Falling in love with a ‘bad boy’ and hoping he’ll ‘change his ways’ for you (or ‘bad girl’ for that matter).

Also, giving your 100% for someone who won’t even take a second look at you, hoping that they’ll realise how ‘amazing’ you are and fall for you.

Also, mindless loyalty, if someone has done you wrong, you’re not obliged to stay and give out second chances!

3. Rutgers_EQ_Kimball

The mafia, especially my Italian American friends who brag about having family that are “connected”. My grandfather is in federal prison for extortion and I promise you there is nothing romantic about it.