Fans Reveal 30 Things That Are Always Portrayed Unrealistically In Movies

Everyone has noticed a little something in movies or T.V. shows that rubs them the wrong way. You know like how stormtroopers in Star Wars can’t hit a damn thing. Or when animal sounds are noticeably added to a movie or show post production. I mean when it’s poorly done and blatantly obvious. Everyone has their pet peeves but these redditors have pointed out a ton of little details that are just completely unrealistically. Whether it’s the sound planes make when they’re crashing or the way people can give a nice lengthy monologue with 6 bullet holes in their chest. These are 30 things that fans can’t stand are continuously portrayed incorrectly and I may never be able to make it through a full movie or T.V. again.

1. This Reddit users insight makes me feel so much better.

Elevator cable snapping and going into free-fall. Several years ago, I worked for a company that made elevator safeties and other assemblies for Otis, the company that invented the modern elevator.

Real-life elevators are not held by one cable but usually five; one in the center and one on each corner. Each cable is air cord, which is a single rope made out of a bundle of cables, and each of those bundles are made of several steel cords. That stuff is ultra-strong. All the cables would have to fail for the elevator to fall, and even if that happened, there are emergency brakes that would kick in. And even if those failed, the elevator safeties would kick in. Safeties are mechanical and gravity-operated, meaning there is almost no chance of failure. Their being activated would rip up the elevator guide rails, requiring the entire elevator to have to be reinstalled and laser aligned before it could be used again, but they would stop the elevator almost instantly.

In other words, it is almost impossible for a properly-installed elevator to go into free-fall, and even then without stopping immediately.

2. Apparently, that’s not a noise that planes make.

Whenever a plane dives, it always makes the Stuka dive bombing noise.

3. I’m glad I’m not the only one this bothers.

Ok, this is not a HUGE nuisance, but it bugs the crap out of me:

When people in movies and tv shows drink from straws, the foley artist always puts in sound like you get when there is barely any liquid in the cup. It doesn’t matter if the cup is full, they have to put in that stupid sound effect to let the audience know that they are, in fact, drinking from a straw.