24 Movie Mistakes That Even The Biggest Fans Definitely Missed

Everyone loves noticing clever little easter eggs in our favorite movies. What about flat-out mistakes that even the people making the movie seemed to miss? For the most part, movies are pretty good at editing and making sure there’s nothing in any scenes that aren’t supposed to be there. Not these 24 for movies. In these 24 fan favorite movies somehow everyone missed these hilarious little mistakes and we’re wondering if you ever noticed any? Some are so intricate I’m shocked anyone spotted them but of course, someone did. Enjoy these little mistakes that these movie directors wished nobody ever noticed.

1. In Ocean’s Eleven, Brad Pitt’s cocktail glass changes into a plate, and then back to a glass.

2. In AvatarNeytiri’s and Jakes’ hand look pretty similar inside. The Na’vi are supposed to be 12 feet tall.

3. During The Wizard of Oz, you can see the Tin Man untie the Wizards balloon and then act surprised when it flies away.