People Reveal The Unlikely Movies That Made Them Embarrassingly Cry In Public

Actor and writer Aaron Abrams (you may remember him from such roles as Matthew Weisz on Blindspot and Brian Zeller on Hannibal) got into a long confessional-meets-debate thread going on Twitter this week. He posted a simple question to which we can all relate…and could answer (if we aren’t too embarrassed).

Abrams got a lot of responses from people who just couldn’t help shedding a tear, or, fine, blubbering like little kids, at movies they found to be inexplicably emotionally resonant. While in public. While hurtling through the sky. What’s really fun is that Abrams empathizes or mock-empathizes with almost every single person who owned up to their airplane-ugly-cry-film choice, many of which are not movies that one would normally think of as “cry” movies. (It must be something about the air pressure.)