Why We Desperately Need To Stop Telling Guys To ‘Man Up’

Feelings. They are not unfamiliar to us and in fact, everyone harbors them. Some showcase their feelings more than others, but we cannot deny that we have them even if we tried. As human beings that we are, we hold a special ability in which we are able to fabricate emotions. Sensitivity is a beautiful trait to hold because it makes you well..human. It’s just the nature of things.

So why is it totally acceptable to tell any man he should “man up” when they let their feelings be known? Generally speaking, why should anyone withhold from having any emotions?

As we grow up into our own personas, we tend to be shown that only girls are able to cry and be sensitive, while guys should never show their feelings. Hence, crying is not an option and being afraid is out of the question. If they do happen to show even an ounce of any of said acts, then they are automatically labelled as being p*ssies and too feminine. Well, lemme tell you how much bullsh*t that is.

As a society, we have done a great job in shining light on very important problems in the world like body image, mental illnesses, sexist mindsets, etc. Just as how women are able to become the victim of all those problems, men can too. But, they are so often afraid to share their stories in fear of being labelled weak. They should be able to openly share it without fearing the status of their masculinity. Why? Well because men are just as human as women are.

Taking that into consideration, why can’t both genders equally display their emotions without one of them being criticized? Valuing a man who cannot fathom the notion of any type of sensibility is not cute. In other words, it’s not cute to tell any man to “man up.”

Making a man completely trash his emotions just makes for a frustrated male. A frustrated male who has been told to bottle up his feelings and adopt the typical macho man persona. What good does that do to our world? Other than not being able to develop any sort of empathy or sensitivity to be able to relate to others, nothing. Just a typical socially accepted emotionally disconnected guy. Cue the F*ck Boy.