10 Things Men Do Every Day But Women Considered ‘Super Intimidating’ For Doing

When you think of a CEO of a major Fortune 500 company, what do you picture? Let me take a guess. Probably your stereotypical businessman, following the stereotypical businessman aesthetic, with his stereotypical businessman secretary who helps him keep together his stereotypical businessman life. Why is it that we’re so accustomed to successful people in authoritative positions as being men? Because it’s so ingrained in our culture to subconsciously punish girls for challenging their place in society. We don’t even realize we do it because it’s that common. Words like “bossy,” “overachiever,” or phrases “be a man,” or “you *insert action* like a girl,” are all things that feed into this thought that women can’t be strong. Naturally, you can still find this in your every day adult life. Here are 10 things you do every day that probably intimidate some of the men in your life.

1. Ask for favors.

When a man asks somebody to do something, he’s considered productive. He’s inspired, trying to get the job done. When a woman asks for a favor, we think she’s bossy. We think she’s being too demanding or expecting too much of everyone around her. So men are effective but women are pushy? Oooookay.

2. Pay the bills.

There’s no way, you, a woman, should be making enough money to pay for everything you have. By paying your own bills, you’re destroying the role that men are God-Given to bring home all the money and be the protector and supporter of your family. I’m sure men are thrown off by your determination to succeed, so maybe try to tone it down. Does this sound as ridiculous to you as it does to me?

3. Drive a car.

By you being on the road, men are losing their ability to feel as if they’re fully in control of their lives. Your mobility means you don’t need him to do everything for you, and we can’t have that now, can we? It’s not like you have all the appendages needed to do the same task as someone equally as capable, so take your seat on the passenger’s side and keep looking pretty.

4. Drink beer.

Beer is a manly drink, haven’t you heard? If you’re now cracking open a cold one with the boys, they’ve got nothing left to live for. You’ve infiltrated their most masculine rendezvous, and they have nowhere left to run. Stick to your cosmos, ladies.

5. Compliment women.

Don’t you know that men need women to feel bad about themselves so that we don’t get too cocky and think we have like… the right to be confident or anything? *Shudder* The worse we feel about ourselves, the more power they have! It’s not all about you, Karen.