All These Dudes Claiming They Don’t Know Any Women Who Enjoy Sex Might Just Be Bad In Bed

If there’s one thing that headstrong conservative men are good at, it’s sticking their foot in their mouth — generally on Twitter, where everyone can see it.

Georgia’s newest abortion law, one of the most restrictive pieces of anti-abortion legislation in the country, makes abortion illegal as soon as doctors can detect a heartbeat. Understandably, the passage of the bill was met with dismay and fury on social media.

Actress Alyssa Milano was one of the most notable dissenters, calling for a well-intentioned but ill-informed “sex strike” — wherein women would refuse to have sex with men until their sovereignty over their own bodies was acknowledged and accepted.

Obviously, a sex strike is … well, kind of missing the point. Telling women to refrain from having sex is essentially what conservative lawmakers have been doing with anti-abortion legislation this entire time.

However, the call for a sex strike inadvertently produced some real gems from conservative men. Many men claimed that such a strike would be ineffective, since women don’t even LIKE sex, apparently.

And the women who claim to actually like sex? LIARS. ALL OF THEM.

Of course, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that making such claims about women really reflects more on one’s own sexual prowess (or lack thereof) than anything.

(Apparently, Brad Anderson realized he ought to be embarrassed, because his account hasbeen deleted from Twitter.)

So, just to be clear: a sex strike is not the answer to the nation’s current dismal track record on respecting women and their bodily autonomy — but the reason it isn’t the answer has nothing to do with the fact that women are “meh” on sex in the first place.

And any dude who thinks that’s the case might want to reexamine what he’s doing in the bedroom, maybe??