This Woman’s Tweet About A Random Girl Saving Her From A Creep Will Make You Say ‘YAS SIS’

When it comes to being a person alone at a bar, things can be a bit difficult–especially when you’re a woman. For some reason, society has painted the person who is  “alone” as “looking,” or “inviting.” If I decide to go to a bar to grab a drink by myself, that doesn’t mean I’m inviting someone to come over and buy me a drink, and proceed to say “yes,” when I say “no thank you.” I think it’s time people in society learn that “yes” means “yes,” and “no” means “no.” Why is that so hard to understand? Apparently, it’s really hard to understand for some–especially guys at bars who see girls sitting alone. Twitter user Amna described a night she was at the bar alone, waiting for her boyfriend while reading a book and a guy approached her to buy her a drink. After she said no, the guy proceeded to insist her buy her the drink anyway. Obviously, when you’re alone, it can be terrifying to have a guy who can’t take no for an answer standing in front of you. Luckily, Amna had a complete stranger to rely on.

Why can’t more people be this way? When you see something–say something (thanks, NYC MTA). But in all honesty, I think it’s incredibly courageous, inspiring, and just kind to be the type of person who doesn’t aimlessly stand by when they see something happening that they wouldn’t be accepting of. While being the type of person who speaks out may be something you’re not used to doing, or something you don’t want to be involved in–you could be helping someone out or even saving their life.

Many people on Twitter spoke out to Amna revealing their own experiences like this–and, some asking how men can help in these situations and not come off as a creep, as well.