Author Explains Women’s Anger Today In A Way Men Can Truly Understand

In today’s political climate, it’s no secret that women everywhere are outraged. The White House filling itself up with sexual predators and men accused of assault and harassment, can you truly blame us for being so angry?
In light of Brett Kavanaugh’s recent swearing into the Supreme Court of the United States, women’s anger has gone from bad to worse. How can we sit by idly and watch our rights be stripped away from us, one by one, at the same time as we’re being told that our bodies, our traumas, and our assaults don’t matter?

For many men, it’s easy to understand our frustration. For other men, it’s not. With the conversation of “Me Too” and “Believe Women,” there are people who believe that men also have it “rough.” They are claiming that women’s “anger” is unwarranted and a bit “dramatic.” To these men, we usually just flip the bird.

But, one author–A.R. Moxon–decided to go out of his way on Twitter to break down the current situations within the United States government that are making us so angry in a way that all men can truly understand. If you’re someone who has a hard time understanding our rage–this is for you.

Clearly, that is the most well-thought out, well-written analogy any man can possibly find. While I feel as though men should be understanding without having to “put themselves in our shoes,” it is fair game to say–”Hey, imagine this was you!

Women on Twitter were incredibly grateful to the author for sharing the analogy, claiming it’s the best representation of their struggles out there.

Thank you, Mr. Moxon–this is brilliant.