Woman’s Twitter Thread Explains Why Women Need To Come Off ‘Rude’ To Men

Although there are many people who believe women living in America are “free” and “safe,” there are many instances in which women are unsafe and vulnerable–especially when they are alone. When it comes to walking alone or traveling alone, it’s much harder for a woman than it is a man (I stand by that). There are many people in this world who are sick and twisted and truly believe seeing a woman by herself means she is available, vulnerable, and easy to grab. For this reason, many women come off standoffish or rude to men they do not know when they’re alone. One Twitter user decided to explain an occurrence in her life to explain just why women would rather come off rude to men in certain situations and it’s eye-opening to many.

Lily was casually walking her dog in her neighborhood when a strange man decided to start up a conversation. Of course, it’s innocent at first.

Then, Lily felt a bit uncomfortable.