Girl’s Response To This Sexist Question Is A Bright Spot In Our Garbage World

Recently, an eight-year-old girl named Yasmin was given a homework assignment which left her parents as well as everyone on Twitter scratching their heads and probably questioning our country’s education system.

The worksheet asked students to write the word for “Hospital lady” (HOSPITAL LADY!?) and Yasmin responded with the ultimate swagged out response: Surgeon.


As her father notes, both of Yasmin’s parents are surgeons. Her hospital lady mom, too!

Personally, I find it stranger that the teacher in this situation “corrected” Yasmin’s response and also that they gave their students TWENTY-YEAR-OLD WORKSHEETS. Yes. Two decades. As in, this school is giving out assignments from the year Princess Diana died, O.J. Simpson was found guilty by a civil panel, and Biggie got gunned down in a drive-by.

The idea is to fill the blanks in with only “ur” words. But surgeon still works!

And that, children, is why you must stay in school (and destroy the patriarchy).