20 Heartbreaking Challenges You Didn’t Know “Fat” People Faced While Flying

Recently, there was a story that went viral online about plus-size model Natalie Hage and a rude passenger she had sat next to on a flight. According to the story, the man whom Natalie was seated next to on the flight was texting one of his buddies about the “discomfort” of sitting next to a bigger person on an airplane and, Natalie actually glanced over and saw him speaking ill of her and her weight – and she confronted him about it – feeling disrespected.

Many times, we don’t realize that people who weigh more, also feel uncomfortable and struggle while doing everyday things – such as traveling. If you hadn’t noticed before, train seats and plane seats are both made for people of slimmer figures and often times – do not help those of bigger body mass.

And, while people are constantly judging those of bigger size – you should really try and put yourself in their shoes before you start calling them names. One Twitter user @yrfatfriend summed up exactly what it meant to be a bigger person while traveling.


To me, this is heartbreaking and eye-opening. I myself, have never personally experienced this. However, I grew up with a father who was very much overweight and dealt with people’s stares and glares whenever we did anything together – from sitting down at a baseball game to swimming at the pool.

Society’s body standards and ways in which they body shame individuals needs to come to an end – everyone is different and every body is different. Discriminating someone based on their weight or looks is something that is both disgusting and uncalled for.

Be the change, people.