Husband Captures Every Road Trip He’s Taken With His Wife And The Result Is Absolutely Hilarious

When you look back on your life with your significant other, it’s nice to have photos and videos to save those sweet, sweet memories you two have with each other. Whenever you travel with your partner, those are the best moments in your relationship. Not only do you get a vacation from the real world you’re stuck in (work, school, responsibilities), but, you both get to experience new moments together. Like, for example, seeing sites for the first time, trying new food, traveling to new countries. It’s definitely special. While us women are constantly the ones who are snapping selfies, photos, and videos of our trips, it’s nice when our husbands take the opportunity to be the “sentimental one” in the relationship.

One Reddit user,  MrMagoo21, is going pretty viral online after he compiled all of the photos he’s taken on road trips with his wife. While the photos are of the two of them, they’re not what you’d think when you hear “road trip” photos of a couple. Turns out, his wife is a huge “long-drive napper.” According to him:

She got car sick really easily as a kid and her mom would give her some motion sickness medicine that would usually knock her out on long trips. Just figured she has been subliminally trained at this point to fall asleep at the sound of an engine running.

The photos, essentially, are hilarious.