The Internet is Obsessed With Barack Obama on Vacation

And, we have the memes to prove it.

America is pretty butt-hurt right now over the fact that Barack Obama is no longer the President of the United States and we’re left with someone like Donald Trump to run the country (or attempt to, anyway). Recently, Obama has taken some much needed time off from the busy, stressful and hectic career world of politics and vacationed with his family and friends. Come on, the dude deserves a little R&R after he developed the most gray hair I have personally seen on a man in the span of 8 years.

While we know Obama deserves a vacation after all the last 8 years have put him through, it doesn’t mean we’re happy to see him living his life, carefree, while we’re stuck with Trump making executive decisions (or attempting to, anyway).

When pictures of Obama enjoying his newfound freedom emerge, what does the Internet do? Make them into memes, of course. And, some of these are actual pure gold.