Women Share The Little Things Men Can Do That Prove They Really Care About Their Relationship

Men tend to think that putting effort into a relationship is just about the fancy dinners and gifts that are bought. They think that showing you care is equivalent to how much you spend on a girl. But, for many women, that’s not the case. While some men think they can put a dollar sign on effort, women are more concerned with how much they put into the relationship through things money just can’t buy. There is more effort that goes into a relationship than just making a dinner reservation every Friday night. Yes, those efforts help, but, they are not most important. Women share what it really means to put effort into a relationship.

Feelings are most important.

“It is about understanding my feelings and going the extra mile to tend to those feelings.” -Amber, 24

Be her shoulder, always.

“I know a lot of friends who are terrified to cry in front to the guy that they are with because they don’t want to seem dramatic or like a lot to handle. Your man should be your shoulder to cry on. He shows that he cares about the relationship and you by being your shoulder to cry on.” -Maddie, 23

Give a lot of r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

“Respect is really all that it takes to show a girl that you care, along with love and affection of course. Respect her opinions, her views, her decisions, her outlook, her body; everything about her.” -Katherine, 24

It’s about having the bottle of wine ready for us to share.

“Putting in the effort is knowing when I had a long day at work and having a bottle of wine ready when I come home.” -Lynn, 23

We shouldn’t have to tell you when something is wrong.

“Real effort is taking the time to learn everything about me and being able to know when something is wrong without me having to say so.” -Amanda, 22