Frequent Flyers Reveal Some Of Their Best Travel Secrets For A Luxurious Trip

It’s always such a fascinating luxury to go away to an unfamiliar location. There’s so much to look forward to when you travel because the beauty of it is that it’s full of unexpected adventures and long-lasting experiences. But there’s always a catch to the great things in life and unfortunately traveling is no different. The stress of having to pack, plan ahead where to stay, what to do on your vacation, and spend accordingly to your budget is pretty tiresome. I’ve been through so many moments where I’ve literally looked into my bank account praying I had just enough to get from the airport to my home. The struggle is real and we all understand that you don’t need to deal with any more added on stress which is why when we came across this thread we knew that it had to be shared along to you guys. Below, some traveling life hacks to make your vacation planning a little less taxing.


If you fly a lot, get a rewards credit card with that airline. After flying frequently for work for a couple years, I now have platinum memberships with different airlines. Which means I get free checked bags, priority boarding, access to the lounge in airports that has free food and booze, and best of all free upgrades to first class if there are open seats. Not to mention all the free flights I’ve gotten from racking up points on the card. My company reimburses my flights, so I charge them to the card but get to keep all the points for personal use


If it takes more than twenty minutes for you to get your bag when you fly with delta you can get 2500 Skymiles by putting in a request here: <>


If you have a lot of time to kill, find the area in baggage claim where pets are reunited with their owners. It’s a blast watching those dogs get out of their carriers, and they all behave differently.