Frequent Flyers Reveal Some Of Their Best Travel Secrets For A Luxurious Trip


If it’s a domestic flight where you won’t get your own screen, download the airline’s entertainment app beforehand, so you can access their entertainment on your device during the flight. You also might want to bring your own earphones, but the airline will supply some if they also supply entertainment.

If it’s an international flight, bring a usb cable for your phone, there will probably be an outlet for you to charge it at your seat.


Early morning flights FTW — a lot less can go wrong with the first flight of the day, that plane is typically there overnight so you aren’t waiting on crew or equipment. Security lines are shorter. Traffic to the airport sucks less.

Reclining, especially in steerage, is a moral failing and should be avoided at all costs.


1) Take a picture of your passport. Keep a copy on your phone and a hardcopy in your luggage.
2) Take a picture of your luggage. If it is lost, showing the picture to the lost luggage person helps a lot.