You Can Now Frolic With Flamingos & It Looks Magical AF

Forget Dolphins and pigs, you can officially swim and play in peace frolicking next to a Flamingo or five. Yes – those pink, tall, awkward looking birds that people put on their front lawns thinking it looks “cute,” well – you can have a grand ol’ time with the real deal and it looks pretty awesome.

In a not so far island off from Aruba is another island home to the Renaissance Resort & Casino where people are able to spend their time enjoying the company of these majestic pink fluff balls.

It seems as if the migrating laws don’t affect these flamingos as they are known for staying put all year round. How lucky are we? Some say that their wings have been clipped so that they are not able to fly away but as far as we know these are just unnecessary rumors that have yet to be debunked so let’s not let that hinder our flamingo dreams.

All you have to do to achieve this dream is spend a night at the Renaissance hotel or pay $99 upfront for a day pass at the island. Keep in mind, that hotel guests get first priority over beach access. Tickets could potentially be unavailable if it reaches capacity.

Whichever option you do choose to take, you’ll be able to join some of these fortunate people who have had the pleasure to witness this experience for themselves.

Visiting Aruba was the first time I ever saw these little critters up close and personal! They weren't afraid of humans at all, but wouldn't interact too much unless you had food. This clip was taken at the Renaissance private island. Everything about the Renaissance Resort was absolutely lovely from the hotel layout and yummy drinks to the easily accessible private islands (there is a kid friendly side and an adults only side). • • • #renaissance #marriott #marriotthotel #travel #inspiration #flamingobeach #instavacation #aruba #onehappyisland #travelbug #traveljunkie #flamingo #travelwriter #explore #seetheworld #ilovetravel #weworktotravel #travelblogger #instatravel #travelblog #travelocity #instapassport #beautifuldestinations #thedreamerslens

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FYI: To get the best Insta-worthy snap be sure to book your stay between April and August as these dates sit just outside of the peak tourist season.