This Dad Just Built A Life-Size Playhouse For His Two Daughters & It’s Absolutely Insane

It’s better than my own apartment..

When it comes to parenting, it seems as though social media has been able to glorify the “perfect parents” who give their kids exactly what they want/need anytime, anywhere. Of course, it makes us feel absolutely awful about our childhood experiences because – how come we didn’t get these things? Like –where was Adam Boyd when I was a child?

A Highland, Michigan native and owner of his own remodeling business called ATB Building Inc. was inspired to build a life-size two-story playhouse for his daughters Avery (5-years-old) and Violet (2-years-old).

He told PEOPLE:

I wanted to do something special, something they would be proud of and one day tell their friends that their dad built this for them.

The house itself stands at around 24-feet and has about 8-foot tall ceilings, along with numerous amenities like a rock-wall, a loft, swings, and a slide with a forecasted zip line addition in the future. Can we say dad of the year?

According to Adam, he chose to paint the walls in two different shades of purple to represent his daughter’s favorite colors. The light shade happens to be Avery’s preferred hue while the violet underneath well…just highlights violet herself.

The playhouse also features a beautiful second floor in which half of the lower portions of the walls are painted with chalkboard paint so that Avery and Violet can add their own personal flair.

Although the playhouse did take some time to finish by sacrificing weekends and personal free time, Adam stressed that the amount of time and effort put into the project permitted him to spend quality moments with his daughters and that was what truly mattered.

Now thanks to the amazing response he has received, getting your own personal life-size playhouse will be a possibility because Adam has decided to start a whole new business solely dedicated to building them and has already picked out a tentative name “Spoiled Rotten Homes.” How perfect?