There’s A Farm That Lets You Dance With Alpacas & It’s What Dreams Are Made Of


Ever desire to take dance classes with alpacas? Well same – alpacas are amazing. Don’t worry guys, your dreams are now a reality because now you can thanks to a marvelous human named Ann Pateman.

Ann along with her husband Dave, are the proud owners of 313 Farms and 9 fluffy fur balls in the quaint Canadian province of Manitoba. The couple has always had a thing for these furry creatures ever since visiting an alpaca clothing store in 2002.

Ann having been a previous employee at a dance studio and being informed of a neighbor’s brilliant idea to implement Goat Yoga, decided it was only fair to bring the two together and the results were oh so magical.

“We’ve had loads of fun getting outside with the alpacas. They’re so friendly they’ve come right up to us and seem to enjoy us dancing as well,” stated Rachel Moran after attending some classes. “It’s great I can bring both kids with me. They’re both involved.”

You can choose from Hip Hop, Pilates, Cardio, Barre and even Mommy and Me with each lasting a total of 45 minutes in addition to a 15 minute “meet and greet” after.

Classes are scheduled to run throughout the Summer but due to increasing popularity, may be extended through the Fall.

Each class is $10 per person if you register in advance and $15 at the door.

If you aren’t able to physically pop by the farm, fear not because you can score through each alpaca’s headshot and bio here.

You can also send them Fan mail to:

Box 357, Anola MB
R0E 0A0

They’ll be more than happy to respond!