People Are Sharing Their Coming Out Couple Glo-Ups And They’re Adorably Inspiring

Many times in some people’s lives, they’re not entirely sure of who they are at a young age. It takes years, experience, and learning about yourself to truly reach a complete understanding of who you are and what you truly want. That’s why, sometimes, when we’re young–we’re not entirely sure of our sexuality. Before coming out, many individual’s lives appear different. They look different, they feel different, they may have even been trying to date someone of the opposite sex just because–they thought it was “right.” But, after years of learning more about themselves and meeting new people, they meet the person who changes them for the better and realizes who they truly are. BuzzFeed asked their users to share their “coming out couple glo-ups” and all of them are not only touching but, also, inspiring AF.


“Hard to tell which smile screams ‘I’m gay,’ I know.”



“Left: About 6 years ago, super unhappy and partying all the time.. not even sure who that dude was!
Right: Married my beautiful wife and have been together for over 5 years! Couldn’t be happier!”



“I dated guys for my entire 26 years of existence. I thought mediocre happiness was my reality…until I met this one girl (about 7 months ago) who completely swept me off of my feet and my world will never be the same! ❤”



“Freshman in high school (2009) to Senior in college (2017). My fiancée has been the love of my life for six wonderful years and coming out was the best decision I ever made! ❤”



“Same ‘couple’, but we started off as just friends. She thought that I was straight (so did I) and that nothing more would ever happen. Picture on the left, I couldn’t admit to myself, much less anyone else, that I was gay and had secretly fallen for my best friend’s sister. Fast forward about 5 years: Picture on the right is from Oct 21st when I got to marry my best friend and soulmate in front of all of our friends and family.”



“Top image is me and my first (and last) boyfriend. Bottom image is me and my girlfriend. I’m so much happier this way!❤”



“Me circa summer 2015 to this past fall. Went from unhappy and hurting to now being blissful with the love of my life.
*insert funny joke about flannel and short hair after coming out*”



“Me circa 2010 where my mom forced me to go to Prom with a boy who asked me because he was a nice boy and I was single.

And me now with my wife to be. We’ve been together for 3 years and getting married in October. You can see the difference in my face. Lez be honest.”



“junior prom with a boy (we went as friends!) and my sophomore year of college with my current girlfriend! thank GOD I came out honestly”



“Hi my name is Anne Speer. This is a photo of me proposing to my fiancée Geneva Wahl! Back in High School I totally tried to date boys… but here we are today ❤”