39 Members Of The LGBTQ Community Share The ‘Gayest’ Pictures From Their Childhood

Many members of the LGBT over the past few years have shared their story along with a childhood photo which they think is their ‘gayest’ picture as a kid. This all began with a blog called “Born This Way.” The idea is that the members of the LGBT community have a place to talk about their past and share memories of what it was like growing up. It’s a pretty incredible website and definitely worth the look. Recently BuzzFeed decided to do the same and ask for people to send their ‘gayest’ pictures from when they were growing up and the results are absolutely fabulous. We love the idea and can’t get enough of these amazing pictures so please keep them coming!


Shaun, age 12

Buffalo Grove, Illinois (1991)

Growing up one of my favorite places was the Richard Simmons workout studio. Tucked away in a strip mall in our suburb between a Chinese restaurant and a Baskin Robbins, it was aptly called, “Slimmons.” My mom would take me with her after work, but I didn’t join the other kids in the play area. I’d sit in the back and watch the overweight women flapping their arms in the air as they sweated to the oldies. I memorized the routines, so sometimes I’d join in the fun. After class, we’d pick up Chinese take out and a pint of Rocky Road for dinner.


Ryan, age 8,
Quezon City, Philippines (1990)

I grew up a poor, black child….oh wait. Wrong story! 🙂 Growing up in the Philippines, being a flamboyant young boy wasn’t an issue. And luckily, I grew up with not only my family’s support, but also the support of my friends.


>Felix, age 7

>Los Angeles, CA (1977)

My childhood consisted of lots of church. I was raised in a conservative, fundamentalist Christian home. My family’s circle consisted of members from our own religious affiliation. And our family vacations were just trips to attend church conventions. Television and dancing were not allowed in our home.