Disney Parks Just Unveiled Their New Mickey Mouse Ears For Pride Month

Mickey Mouse ears have become an iconic staple of Disney theme parks — and the classic ears just got a decidedly colorful makeover for June’s LGBT Pride Month.

The new Mickey ears feature a technicolor rainbow pattern, and the front of the hats sport a pair of white-gloved hands forming the shape of a heart.

Obviously, people are extremely excited about this development in Disney headgear (particularly considering the possibilities for trolling conservatives).

The ears are available for purchase at both Disneyland and Disney World theme parks for $17.99.

The development of Pride Month-themed Mickey Mouse ears is heartening and progressive, in keeping with Disney’s recent and somewhat cautious attempts to incorporate LGBT-friendly messaging into their programming.

“The company has been increasing its LGBT representations in recent years: Films like the live-action Beauty and the Beast and Frozen have made subtle (sometimes frustrating) allusions to character’s identities as gay men,” reports Logo’s Cameron Glover. “In 2017, Andi Mack became the first Disney Channel show to include a coming-out storyline and a main LGBT character.”

The ears are in such high demand that they’re already being sold for twice their intended retail price on Ebay.

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