People Are Bugging Out Over Skittles’ New Change for Pride Month

What happened to “taste the rainbow?”

With pride month sweeping the American nation, companies are putting rainbows everywhere to show their support for the LGBTQ community. The rainbow has long been a symbol of this specific community, showcasing the diversity and unity of all people that identify themselves within this community.

To show their support, people are wearing rainbow clothing, buying products from places that support LGBTQ rights and speaking out about changes that need to happen within society to accept love in every shape and form. Even Facebook has hopped onto the pride month train, allowing users to “like” posts with rainbow flags and circles.

But, one company has been under fire for their choice in LGBTQ support.

Skittles – which are usually rainbow to begin with – has decided to switch up their bags for pride month. Instead of their usual rainbow candies, the company went “all white,” saying that they have given up their rainbow to support the one rainbow that matters – the LGBTQ community’s rainbow.

While the message does seem genuine and they are trying to make a statement – people on the Internet are not entirely happy with their choice. Some are saying that the branding is racist – symbolizing white privilege – while others are saying giving up the flag is showing the opposite of support.

But other people online disagree and think people are being hella sensitive.

So, what do you think? Racist or nah?