15 Couples Confess Why Marriage Is Just One Big LOL-Worthy Joke

Married life seems so serious and difficult. Living with someone and spending every single day with them for the rest of your life can be…scary. Often you hear about couples who get divorced because married life is too hard. It makes millennials and younger people never want to be in a relationship that is that “forever” commitment because of the traumatic stories they hear. Now, married couples are sharing how married is actually one big joke and a never-ending sleepover with your best friend. It really is not as bad as it seems when you can laugh everything that comes along with marriage off. 

1. Ben, 33

“Marriage is actually a joke because you both work to make money and then combine your money together to pay off each other’s debts from college and never-ending bills.”

2. Sarah, 34

“It’s literally a sleepover every night, you never end up ever getting a good night sleep sharing the bed with someone.”