Halsey Called Out Hotel Chains For Not Being More Inclusive With Their Products For People Of Color

Whenever we go away on vacation and stay in hotels, the first thing we want to do is steal all of the shampoo, conditioner, soaps, and lotions. While we don’t think twice about it, many people are actually unable to use these freebies.

Singer and songwriter Halsey, who is biracial, spoke out about the issue with hotel amenities and people of color. While going on tour and appearing on press trips, Halsey is frequently staying in hotels. She spoke out about how people like herself are unable to use generic shampoos and conditioners–feeling as though hotel chains should be more inclusive towards everyone.

Sometimes, in moments of fear I think about my father. I think about him, younger than I am right now, holding a six pound baby in his hands and realizing his entire life was about to change. I think about how relentlessly he worked my entire life to make sure I always had everything I wanted. All of the interests he nurtured by working extra hours to buy art sets and violins and sewing kits. How I never knew we had ever struggled because he protected me from ever feeling afraid. I think about the rented apartments for 20 years. Every move we made and new elementary school I started so he could get a better job. I think about how he never objected to wanting to paint my walls pink or purple or blue even though he knew it meant the landlord would keep the security deposit. I think about all of the things he sacrificed and the opportunities he missed out on. I think about the hell I put him through, trying to figure out who I was. When I am scared, I think about my father. Because he brought me into this world without a single clue and somehow he managed to figure it all out. Happy Father's Day dad, I love you.

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She wrote in a tweet that “she can’t use the perfumed watered down white people shampoo,” pointing out “neither can 50% of your customers.”

Although the artist is frequently dying her hair, shaving it, and rocking some beautiful wigs and weaves–her natural hair is extremely curly.

Took my weave out today. I CAN BREATHE!

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While the tweet was pretty straightforward, a lot of people gave the singer a lot of hate–saying it was making a problem out of nothing.

But, others agreed with her.

Halsey spoke out after receiving a ton of hate saying:

She has a pretty valid point.