Nail Salon Apparently Charges More For Overweight Customers And People Are Not Having It

Whenever a girl needs some relaxation, there’s nothing like getting a manicure and pedicure. Having someone rub your feet while you get to scroll aimlessly on your phone is what dreams are made of. But, any girl knows that luxury comes with for a pretty penny. Most manicures and pedicures are expensive enough as it is, but, one nail salon apparently charges more money for customers who are “overweight.” Now, I’ve seen a lot of f*cked up things on the Internet, but this is by far one of the worst.

Facebook user Deshania Ferguson shared the photo on her account calling it “rude.” The salon says that if any customer is “overweight” they will be charged “$45” in service fees. Basically, they’re insinuating that it’s harder to give a pedicure to someone who is “overweight” (by their standards, obviously).

Went to gt my nails done on Overton Crossing and Frayser Blvd and this is what they have up….so rude 😠😠😠

Posted by Deshania Ferguson on Saturday, March 11, 2017

I don’t know where people get off thinking this is okay – but it’s clearly wrong. I wonder how many people approached the store owner or employees to say something. People on Facebook clearly weren’t pleased with the sign, and they’re damn right to speak out.

Honestly, I hope this salon loses business and ends up closing. There’s no reason to make anyone feel as though they’re unwelcome in a nail salon just because they may be a bit bigger than others. F*ck this place and their beauty standards. I’ll take my business elsewhere.