Barista Tries To Shame A Pregnant Woman For Ordering A Macchiato At Starbucks And It Got Crazy

Many women know that when pregnant, your doctor usually tells you to watch your caffeine intake. However, that doesn’t mean you need to wear off caffeine entirelyunless your doctor tells you otherwise. Regardless of what a woman’s pregnancy precautions are, they are between a woman and her doctor and areno one else’s business.

One barista learned the hard way when he tried to tell a pregnant customer at Starbucks she shouldn’t get the macchiato she ordered because “it’s bad for the baby.” Tiffany Stevenson shared the experience on Twitter and it’ll make you see red.

The barista started off by asking if the woman wanted a decaf.

Although the woman explained she can have one a day, the barista still said she shouldn’t.

Finally, Stevenson jumped in and said: “Stop it.”

People online were blown away that a barista still has his job after speaking to a customer this way, or the fact that a man thought he knew better than a woman about her own body.

You heard it here first, y’allstop telling pregnant women what they should/shouldn’t do.