Guy Insists His Girlfriend Sell Her Strip Club Business Before Proposing To Her

When you’re thinking about spending your life with someone else, you have to take a lot of things into consideration—can they be a life-long partner who supports you and makes you proud? If not, it’s probably best to find someone else who’s better suited for you. It’s definitely easier than trying to change the person you’re with just to conform and fit your needs. One Reddit user who insisted that his girlfriend of three yearssell her successful businesses before he proposed to her found that out the hard way.

Reddit user /gfclubowner wrote into the relationship_advice thread seeking some backup on a request he had of his girlfriend. The 38-year-old male told Reddit users he wanted his 32-year-old girlfriend of 3 years to “sell” the pornstore and strip club she owns before he proposes to her.

He shared that her father, who died 8-years-ago, left both of the establishments to her and she completely revamped them and made them successful. However, his “very Catholic” parents would not be okay with his wife owning these kinds of businesses and, he’s not totally thrilled that she is running a strip club that requires her to cover shifts so late at night.


Obviously, it’s a bit outlandish that a guy would feel so emasculated by the fact that his girlfriend/significant other owns a successful business. Sure, strip clubs may not be his parent’s cup of tea, but he knew that she was a club owner when they were dating and he chose to stay with her.

To ask her to sell the businesses is not only selfish, but also weak. He should be proud that his girlfriend is a successful go-getter who can hold her own.

Fortunately, the guy updated us with new of how the conversation turned out. Apparently, after saying he wanted her to sell her businesses, she dumped him on the spot.


People online were incredibly proud and happy to hear that this woman held her own and stood by her convictions. Who needs a man to tell you what to do when you have two successful businesses that you completely own?

We stan an iconic businesswoman, obviously.

h/t: Twitter