Bride Goes On Insane Rant Slamming The NFL Draft For ‘Ruining’ Her Bachelorette Party

Brides this weekend were unhappy and shocked to find that Nashville wasnotthe place to have their last hurrah with their ladies. As many bridal parties found out, the NFL Draft was scheduled this weekend in Nashville, TNone of the most popular locations for bachelorette parties in the U.S.

However, with the draft taking place in the city, many women complained that every bar was overrun with football fansdrunk, loud, and disorderly. Matt Jones of KY Sports Radio shared a video on Twitter of a bride and her bridesmaid complainingendlesslyabout howawfultheir weekend was due to the draft.The bridesmaid even threatened her husband for not telling her and warning her beforehandsaying she’s not going to watch the Super Bowl (or any other NFL game this season).

Just look at these happy faces!!!!



Clearly, these ladies did notdo their research, as dozens of women found out the city was overcrowded with young, hungry, drunk NFL fans.

Let’s just look how many people gathered in Nashville to watch the draft:

I mean…

While it’s understandable that they were disappointed and their plans probably got switched around, it just means there are more guys out there in Nashville looking to buy them all drinks. Come on ladies, silver linings.

As it turns out, one of the women featured in the vide was Emmy Award Winning journalist, Cyndi Lundebergand, she got a kick out of being turned into hilarious memes.

And, many people online pointed out that she “staged” this breakdown in orderto make some viral content out of itseeing as she’s tweeted about sports in the past.

You know what they say in journalism thoughany content that goes viral isgood content, baby.