This Coffee Shop Is Being Dragged On Twitter For Its Insulting And Racist Sign

Some people need a reality check. Also, some people need to have all of their work checked before allowing it to be seen by the public. I’m not talking about grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, I’m talking about wildly inappropriate sayings and racist comments. It’s 2017, we live in a country divided by opposing points of views. Half of the country is on the wrong side of history, supporting racists, sexists, and horrible individuals. The other half of the country is fighting for a better tomorrow for everyone, not just the rich white people. But, it seems that the “wrong” side of the country is constantly making mistakes that have us shaking our heads and questioning WTF is wrong with them. Like, the owners of this coffee shop.

A coffee shop in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood posted this sign outside of their store that reads, “Happily Gentrifying the Neighborhood since 2014.” The neighborhood is predominately black. Writer Ru Johnson posted a photo of the sign on Twitter.

Johnson also told The Denver Post:

“My first reaction was, ‘Is this real?’ because it’s just so mind-blowing. Their sign was almost like a poke in the eye for the people who have worked to make the community what it is, and a lot of those people have been pushed out. Who created this sign, sent it to manufacture and put in outside your business?

Other users on Twitter who saw the photo clearly had similar responses.