24 People Reveal The Most F*cked Up Things Their Ex’s Have Done To Them

When you go through a bad breakup, there are a lot of things that can happen. Many of times, you feel like a complete piece of sh*t afterward – like, ‘why did I do this/stay with this person for so long/how did I not know they were such a complete douchebag?’ You want to get some sweet, sweet revenge on them – because, who doesn’t want to inflict pain on those who have hurt us? But, while we all feel like we need 1,000 showers after breakups to wash off the dirty – we also may suffer after the breakup. There are those who have ex’s who just don’t know when to quit and – for them – we have a special place in hell.


Caught an ex fucking his ex girlfriend on our anniversary. Then he had the balls to call me the next day to say we should still hang out so I could “wean myself” off of him.


My now ex husband and I were on the same cell phone plan. After we separated he went online and unknowingly, to me, changed my caller ID to “DICKHEAD.”

I don’t know how long this was for, and I only found out after my boss at the time confronted me about changing it to be more professional!


My ex-fiancé left our daughter’s baptism party to “run home and grab the gift he left there,” but, my friend found him outside in his car f*cking one of my cousins. I have full custody now and he doesn’t even make an effort with our daughter.


I met my ex at the barber shop I worked at. He became my client and we eventually started dating.

Fast forward 8 months and he breaks up with me out of the blue through a text— douche bag thing #1.

3 days later he walks into the shop and requests that I cut his hair —douche bag thing #2.

After an awkward haircut including shampoo and massage, I walk him to the counter to check out he still expected a free hair cut as if we were dating — douche bag thing #3 .

3 years later he still calls me crying or sends me dick pics bragging about how he was the best dick I ever had. He was not in fact he never got me off once something I never told a soul even after the messy break up. Because I’m not a douche bag.


My ex and I did the deed (very unsatisfactory if I may add!) and I had rolled over to go to the bathroom and saw that he was on tinder… immediately after having sex with me and three months into dating.

He wasn’t hiding it either, he had his phone out and I could clearly see the app being used.

He didn’t understand why I was mad because he said and I quote “it wasn’t a big deal.”