17 People Share The Most F**ked Up Things They’ve Ever Done In A Relationship

Relationships can generally be pretty interesting. For the most part, you have those sweet memories and unforgettable dates, but then, you also have those awkward f*cked up situations you just have to deal with. The fact of the matter is, most of these situations are almost always about getting back to the other person for committing a random stupidity that wasn’t very acceptable for the other. Revenge is best served cold and in relationships, it’s no different. You would actually think that since couples have a thing called mutual “love” they’d take it easy on each other but alas, this is not the case because after creeping through this Reddit thread we were pretty shocked at the savagery we dug up.

1. drakmordis:

Broke up with a girl in high school. On February 14. And didn’t realize til hours later and getting the stinkeye from every female student in the building.

2. MajorMustard:

Rekindling an old romance for three days so I would have an excuse to cross the Atlantic and a place to stay in Paris for a football match.

3. PMcatPics:

Ex-boyfriend wouldn’t plan anything and expected me to be in charge of keeping track of our social calendar, deadlines, etc. But then he’d complain that I was nagging him if I reminded him when he had something coming up. Fed up with it all, I let him miss a court date he got for running a red light. He didn’t figure it out until a month later when they sent him an outrageous fine.

4. Banirawr:

I lied to my boyfriend and told him that it was safe to come out of his room so I could watch his dad hit him with a lightsaber

5. nightinthewild:

found out my ex was really into dating websites. He had profiles everywhere. When I caught him he lied said it was all just jokes and that he loved me etc… So I held his Everquest account hostage and threatened to delete a character every few hours until he quit lying. Edit: I did not delete them all. The ones that remained were ran into lesser fay for the brownies.